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Understanding the type of dimensional inspection service your company needs is critical. Superior Measuring has the experience and the technology required to perform the correct dimensional inspection service for your company. Superior is the largest CMM inspection facility in Michigan.


Traditional CMM Inspections

Laser Scanning System With Polyworks Software

Vision CMM Inspections

First Article Inspection – 100% Dimensional Layouts – Capability Studies & Statistical Analysis – PPAP Studies – Modular Fixture system for Open Layouts – Fixture Certification – Fixture Repairs – Gage R&R Studies – Prototype Inspection – Model Certification – Mold Certification and more…

Superior Measuring LLC – Michigan’s Leading CMM Inspection Facility

CMM inspection is routine with precision machine shops in Michigan. However, very few Michigan shops have the experience and technology to offer reliable third-party inspection services. CMMs inspect part dimensions for location and/or accuracy. Parts can be fixtured, flipped, or rotated to inspect dimensions that may be difficult to reach.

Many smaller parts are can be damaged or contaminated by a CMM inspection process, specifically from the touch of a probe tip. In these cases, a non-contact or laser scanning system will provide accurate readings using light. Furthermore, large volumes of flat parts can often be checked in a fraction of the time compared to a contact CMM. However, vision inspection systems can only identify the visible features on a part. Internal or blind features are better suited for the contact CMM inspection process.

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